March 4, 2010

Growing Character

Hello fabulous mommas!!!  I am so excited to tell you about a valuable resource to use...Wildflowers Character Resources!  My friend, Sarah Holmes, started this amazing ministry to moms a couple years ago.  She emphasizes how we should be intentional about the character training of our children.  Statistics state that 80% of character has already been developed by age 6!  How important it is for us to plan and equip ourselves with solid teaching. 

Part of Sarah's ministry is to provide free email consultation about the character needs of your family. She has a wide range of resources available to address many character traits.  My favorite resource she provides is a monthly WILD IDEAS e-newsletter spotlighting a certain character trait. These are filled with goodies! They are only $1 per month ....and believe me, they are worth a million dollars far more than that!  Sarah has invested an enormous amount of time researching ideas for these different traits.  Her newsletters include:  family traditions, crafts, games and activities, songs, object lessons, conversation starters, stories, book/multimedia resources and scripture training.  How can you pass up this great resource at such a low cost??!!  If you would like to see what an e-newsletter would look like, Sarah has graciously allowed me to show you this month's letter addressing Obedience.  Just click HERE to view.

Sarah will be visiting towards the end of the month to share with other moms encouragement and direct them towards valuable training resources. You will leave feeling encouraged - with new resources and methods under your belt!  Please contact me directly if you would be interested in attending!

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