July 1, 2010

Memorizing Scripture

Hello!  I have been thinking lately about some different ways to teach my children scripture.  We've always just recited them at random times at home or while we are in the car.  I have a couple friends (Jenn T & Anna G) who will put a scripture verse in their car on the headrest of the front seat so their children can see it while in their carseats.  And it's a reminder to say it to their child while strapping them in!  If your child can read you could put verses on notecards to leave on their bathroom mirror or nightstand.  One resource I purchased was the A Beka ABC Bible Memory Cards.  Not only does it help w/ teaching them their letters, but it also has a corresponding verse.

I also found this site HERE that has some great verses to start out with.

I would love for us to share!!!  Please leave a comment with some different ideas of what you do or ideas you have come across that sound great!  I would love to hear from YOU!!!