October 14, 2010

{Here I Am}

I realize it's been over a month since my last post....aaggghhhh!  Our lives have become significantly crazier busier since school has started.  I feel like I'm running around with my hair on fire most days.  I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, and frazzled.  Is this our new normal??!!  After about a month of feeling like this, I asked myself, "what is the purpose in all this day in and day out?"   As a believer, I know our purpose is to know Him and to make Him known.  The Lord brought to mind a verse from Genesis when God was talking to Abraham.  God simply said Abraham's name and he answered, "HERE I AM."  Personally, this verse has always scared me a little.  Abraham was so ready and willing when God called.  I guess I always thought that if I said 'here I am' God would send me to Africa or something!  But I really began to meditate on this verse and ponder why God gave me this verse.  To say 'here I am'....for me, Kristin Cook.  I think God was trying to remind me that my 'here I am' is different than my husbands, best friends, or Billy Graham!  So how does God want to use me when I am willing to say 'here I am'?  He brought to mind that He just might need me to be that loving mom that wipes noses and changes diapers all day.  The taxi mom by taking my kids here and there.  The helpful wife by picking up my hubby's dry cleaning.  God wants me to be available to Him throughout my busy day and look for opportunities to produce fruit and be an encouragement to others.  My 'here I am' might be something as simple as opening a door for another mom who has her hands full....believe me, it can be a huge blessing!  So, in the midst of all our crazy, busy days...I need to be reminded to look for opportunities of how God wants to use me...even if it's just doing laundry w/ a happy heart.