March 8, 2010

Children's Book Recommendation

These are two of my favorite children's books!  My friend Sarah, of Wildflowers-Growing Character, recommended them to me last year. 

I'd Be Your Princess, by Kathryn O'Brien  is about a little girl imagining her life as a princess.  Her dad plays along and uses the opportunity to admire each godly quality of his daughter's royal character. There is also a scripture verse that references that certain character on each page. One of the young girl's stories is that she would cheer for the knights as they practiced jousting. Her father replies with the scenario if one fell off his horse she would help him up because she's a good friend.  The scripture used is "A friend loves at all times." Prov.17:17

I'd Be You Hero, also by Kathryn O'Brien is about a young boy who imagines his life as a hero.  His mother supports his tales of adventure by delighting in his aspirations and godly character.  One of the young boy's adventures is to protect the castle, to which his mom applauds his bravery. The scripture used is "Do not be terrified...for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."  Joshua 1:9

Both of these books teach your children the importance of developing godly character at a young age.  It encourages the parents to inspire and encourage their children's imagination and increases their self-esteem.

These books can be purchased at your local bookstore or by clicking HERE.

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