June 2, 2011

Summertime Ideas!

I love summertime and the freedom it brings with being able to spend more time with my kiddos...but it can also be overwhelming.  Days and weeks can slip away so easily if things aren't planned.  I have NEED to write things down on the calendar so I will actually remember to do them!  So I encourage you to do the same....go ahead and write a few things down of activities you really want to do!  I discussed w/ my kiddos some of the things they want to do.  A few of ours include:  having a treasure hunt outside, making homemade limeades (one of my favorite summer memories w/ my mom), going to campus for a picnic, the zoo, painting on canvas, sleeping outside in the tent.  Some of the things I also plan to do with them is having them pick out new bible verses for the summer, doing some Kids of Integrity lessons, and continuing to practice things learned this past school year.

I always loved my mom preparing fun snacks for us as a child.  She has passed along an OLD cookbook that contains fabulous snacks!  You can buy it here. It has creative illustrations too...very fun!
A couple sites that have calendars of activities are Amanda Bennett and one from Disney.  There are so many....just google summer calendar of kids activities!

My friend, Sarah, of Wildflowers Character Resources, has also created a list of frugal summer ideas from A to Z!  You can find it in her May newsletter (sign up here and even download a free sample).  For example, for the letter B she suggests creating fun with balloons, bubbles, and a big box!  ...it's the simple pleasures of life, right?!!

What are some fun activities or ideas you want to share with us?

February 3, 2011

.Kids of Integrity.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to this amazing website yesterday and I just had to share!  It's such a great resource for parents to use to teach their children different virtues that lead to Godly character.  The site is so fun and very user friendly.  When you click on the lessons tab they have all the virtues on the left with multiple activities/lessons on the right to choose from.  For example, if you choose to teach obedience they give you the resources of a parent's prayer, memory verses, speaking blessings, creative discipline, object lessons, and bible stories.  They even have it set up to where you can download a pdf file for the entire lesson.  They suggest that a week is about the right amount of time to go over each attribute. You can visit their site HERE of their Facebook page HERE.