February 3, 2011

.Kids of Integrity.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to this amazing website yesterday and I just had to share!  It's such a great resource for parents to use to teach their children different virtues that lead to Godly character.  The site is so fun and very user friendly.  When you click on the lessons tab they have all the virtues on the left with multiple activities/lessons on the right to choose from.  For example, if you choose to teach obedience they give you the resources of a parent's prayer, memory verses, speaking blessings, creative discipline, object lessons, and bible stories.  They even have it set up to where you can download a pdf file for the entire lesson.  They suggest that a week is about the right amount of time to go over each attribute. You can visit their site HERE of their Facebook page HERE.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I just liked it on Facebook, because I read about it here.