April 13, 2010

Seeds Worship

My fabulous sister-in-love, Natalie, got my daughters a Seeds Worship CD for their birthdays.  I've never heard of it before. ...now I'm hooked!!!  They simply put scripture verses to music.  And it's not boring, cheesy, or put-me-to-sleep music.  It's catchy and modern and my girls LOVE it!!!  I looked at their WEBSITE and they also have fun family ideas and scripture memory cards to print out!  Take a listen to what is on their CDs HERE.  You can also become a fan of them on facebook

(to follow up on my last post...  we had our recipe exchange tonight and it was FABULOUS!  We all brought 5 recipes to share and one prepared dish to eat. There was close to 20 of us, so we each left with almost 100 new recipes to try out!  ...and a full tummy!!!  Why have we not been doing that every couple months??!!
I only had one person leave a recipe on the last post!!!  C'mon girls...spread the love....leave a recipe in the comments section to share, or even a link to a favorite dish!)

On another note, we will be making the move to Oklahoma this weekend!  We're excited to be going back home, but at the same time sad to leave all our fabulous friends we've made here in TX.  It's definitely a bittersweet move.  Please say a prayer for us as we make the transition :)

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